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Wednesday 15thThursday 16thFriday 17th

09:00 Opening MEDAMI 2019

— Chair: A.J. Gonzalez

09:15 Session 1: Immunology and precision medicine

— Chair: Lecoq

I. S. Alam, Nuclear Imaging of the Immune system (30min)

O. Michielin, Immunology and precision medicine (30min)

P. Lecoq, Imaging for precision medicine: The quest for ultimate sensitivity (30min)

10:45 Coffee Break

11:15 Session 2: Imaging: Immunotherapy and cancer

— Chair: Benlloch

C. D. Vera-Donoso, Inmunotherapy in Urological cancers (30min)

A. Bernal, PROSPET: looking for new diagnostic and theranostic solutions in prostate cancer patients (20 min)

R. Dolenek, Using Cherenkov light in TOF-PET (20 min)

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Session 3: 10ps challenge

— Chair: Vandenbergue

C. Morel, Setting up of the 10 ps challenge: rationale and progress status (15min)

J. Prior, The 10-ps TOF PET: Clinical applications and immuno-oncology imaging (30min)

P. Lecoq, Disruptive technologies (30min)

V. Sharyy, Development of Innovative Detectors for PET (20min)

G. Bizarri, Heterostructure radiation detector materials for advanced Time of Flight Positron Emission Tomography (ToF-PET) imaging (20min)

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Session 4: 10ps challenge

— Chair: Morel

M. Salomoni, Using heterostructure and photonic crystal to reach 10ps timing resolution with a scintillator-based detector (20min)

S. Charlesbois, Towards 10ps photon timestamping with 3D digital SiPM (20min)

M. Pizzichemi, Combining a meta-material approach to depth of interaction correction: a possible road to 10 ps PET (20min)

S. Vandenberghe, Total Body molecular imaging and therapy with high sensitivity and spatial resolution (20min)

D. Sanchez, New sensor and FE developments towards 10ps timing resolution (20min)

09:00 Session 5: Preclinical imaging and immunotherapy

— Chair: Llosá

A. Krackhardt, New tumor associated antigens (30min)

M. Herranz, Tumor heterogeneity (30 min)

C. Correcher, Performance of a new preclinical PET/CT system for quantitative total-body dynamic imaging with low tracer doses (20min)

A. J. Gonzalez, PET scanner based on a singe LYSO tube (20min)

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Session 6: Imaging Technologies

— Chair: Gonzalez

H. Espinós, CARDIO-PET: A design study of a cardiac-dedicated PET system (20min)

S. Dolinsky, A concept of TOF, DOI, MRI compatible PET Detector to support <1mm neuroPET imaging (20min)

G. Llosá, Upgrade of a Compton Telescope for hadron therapy treatment monitoring (20min)

J. Barrio, 4D Compton PET for dynamic imaging (20min)

13:00 Lunch

15:00 Session 7: Trends and industry perspectives

— Chair: Barrio

D. Castrillo, Hamamatsu Photonics: Strategy for future developments (20min)

D. Sanchez, A High Dynamic Range ASIC for Time of Flight – PET with monolithic crystals (20min)

M. Conti, Siemens Vision 214ps (20min)

16:30 Tour: La Albufera

20:30 Conference Dinner at “El Mirador de Comedias”

09:00 Session 8: New Frontiers. Image guided

— Chair: Vera

P. Botella, Cancer nanomedicine in immunotherapy: from drug delivery to imaging (30min)

F. Collamati, Development of an intraoperative detector for low energy beta particles (20min)

F. Camarena, Ultrasonic holograms in the brain (20min)

J.M. Benlloch, Hard Tissue MRI (20min)

D. Castillo, Demyelinating and ischemia brain diseases: an algorithm for detection through MRI (20min)

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Session 9: Round Table Crossing visions

— Chair: Lecoq

12:30 Closing

— Chair: A. J. Gonzalez

13:00 Lunch